"Benkey Pools in Anaheim, California is proud to endorse The StainEraser... I'm Jeff, Owner of Benkey Pools and I can personally recommend The StainEraser for your toughest pool stains. We recently used this product on my Mother's pool after her gardener spilled a bag a fertilizer in it. After having several unsuccessful attempts with chemicals and stainless steel brush, we went to The StainEraser. A short time later, with less effort the stains had vanished. Thank you for such a great product."


"I have used this on stubborn stains which could not be removed by other well known stain removers. The results were excellent..."

-R. Malcovitch, Canada


"The grout cleaner worked well. We recently moved here and I did not even realize the color of the original grout (white - not dark brown). I will go ahead and try to use the stain eraser on other stains like you suggest. The pool stains must be something that have permeated the plaster..."

- C. Joseph, Austin, Texas


"In response to your question about the StainEraser - YES ! I've used it right down to the end of the stick ! GREAT product ! You gals/guys are REALLY doing something good ! Thanks for thinking about a fast, effective way to help us all " tidy - up" !

- Randy Phelps Pool Service, Lake Worth, Florida


"I have an antique white grout on my tile floor and in less than a years time it is now light brown. The story is I hate it. When my mother went to Central Cities Tile & Marble in Kissimmee, Florida, she was told by the store owner that your StainEraser would clean my grout. Let me assure you, I have tried everything except acid to clean the grout back to its original color. I was very scepticle when I saw The StainEraser. I could not believe the results. I am still promoting it all to my friends. It was amazing and it really worked. I know have my beautiful antique white grout again.

I would like to thank you for this wonderful oversized eraser. I would also like to request a catalog of any other products you might be hiding from me."

Thank you.

S. Lewis, No. Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"I just wanted to tell you that I found the grout/tile eraser at Leslie's right down the street from my house! My husband and I divided our kitchen floor into sections and finished "erasing" our tile grout on Monday!! It looks terrific and we are very happy with it!

Thanks again for creating a miracle product!


Melanie Burford

Gilbert, AZ